From Our School Families...

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is such an awesome gift and gesture...our parents and faculty are so very appreciative. Thanks again for your help and work in getting this to us. 
You're awesome! "

- Sara Sanders, Principal at Franklin Middle School (Champaigne, IL)



 "We handed the child safety kits out to all of our parents who were exceptionally appreciative. The information that they keep is invaluable. The kits themselves are small and easy to manage which is helpful.  We are so thankful to and to Dr. Lee's office for sponsoring these for parents!"

- MARY DELONG, Managing Director at Kids Connection Schools (Foster city, CA)


"Thank you for the fingerprinting kit that was sent home with our children. It was a great reminder that situations can happen at any time and having resources to be prepared helps families when emergencies arise. Of course, we all hope that none of those kind of situations ever come our way, but planning and preparing in case they do is the best step for all parents to take. I was able to easily use it that week it was sent home and now it is in a safe place...Thanks again!" 

- AMBER VANMETRE, Parent at Rustic Oak Elementary School (Pearland, TX)

"We applaud organizations like Safe-Children, who provide extra measures of protection for families...What a blessing to know that they have information to turn to...Thank you so much for your efforts to serve our families."

- JAN OLAFSON, Director at St. Andrew's Preschool & Kindergarten (Tucson, AZ)

"The child safety kits provided by Safe-Children.Org are great!  I have one for my own child, and I know the parents at your school will benefit as well. "

 - MIKE PAUL, Parent and Former Principal at Peavine Elementary School  (Reno, NV)

"Our philosophy is to provide a safe, fun summer program. Working with Safe-Children.Org helps us to support our camp familiesThank you, Safe-Children.Org. "

- LIBBY ROTHENBERG, Owner / Director at Triple C Camp (Charlottesville, VA)